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Commercial law

In an ever changing corporate environment, we offer a wide range of services including advisory services in:-

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Commercial fraud
  • Financial distress & Insolvency
  • Regulatory disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Patent and Trade Mark disputes
  • White collar crime
  • Property Litigation

Mergers and Acquisitions

We work across a broad range of sectors, advising both public and private companies on matters including company sales and purchases; recommended takeovers; private equity transactions and restructurings. Successful M&A work is an end-to-end operation: identifying opportunities, initiating negotiations and then guiding the client through the process to a successful transaction. It is about far more than just “doing the deal”. It is about forging a relationship in which we are advisors and partners, not just lawyers. The result: a better deal for everyone concerned. We provide transactional competition law advice, including advice on the merger process, the use of tactical complaints, and applications for merger clearances where required.  When market inquiries are launched, we assist key parties to ensure all submissions are effective and targeted, mitigating the risk of problematic outcomes.

Tax Services

Our team is ready to offer advice on-transactional tax matters, in relation to the establishment of new business start-ups, spin outs or transfers of teams to form a new business, whether these include corporate entities, partnerships or other arrangements or are a mixture of more than one of these. Where there is a significant overseas element in a transaction we can play a lead role in coordinating numerous advisers in several jurisdictions to achieve the optimal overall tax outcome given the commercial parameters.

Competition Law

Anti-competitive behaviour is an increasingly global phenomenon; it is now common for multiple enforcement agencies to pursue many companies across several continents. The cases are bigger, the steps taken to conceal the activities ever more creative, and many more businesses are affected by the actions of the cartel members.
Fines alone are not seen by enforcement agencies as a sufficient deterrent. As a result, steps are being taken to make it easier for those who have suffered loss to bring private damages actions. Never has there been a greater need for businesses to ensure their compliance procedures are robust and for Boards and Directors to understand their duties. If an investigation looms, the Board needs to know what will happen and how to respond, both as regards the business and key individuals

Corporate lending

The careful structuring and negotiation of corporate banking facilities is essential, not only to ensure that a new facility is balanced and achieves its commercial objective, but also to ensure that – where appropriate – a new facility harmonises correctly with any existing facilities. This demands corporate banking lawyers with a broad understanding of the corporate banking landscape, the many financing products and structures available, and the interplay between them.

Insurance Law

We’re acutely aware of how the insurance sector is changing: the impact of technology and digitisation, the rise of data protection and cyber security, the wave of new entrants into the market, and the increasingly prevalent grip of regulation and compliance thus offering an array of services in both litigation and compliance.

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