Chilaw House, 54 7th Street, Gweru

Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm


As with any other law firm, our stock – in – trade consists of our expertise and competencies in various aspects of legal practice, as well as our time. 

Apart from conveyancing and notarial practice, the firm undertakes civil and criminal litigation, labour dispute resolution, arbitration, negotiation of contracts, legal advice on commercial law matters, company formation and registrations, corporate practice, insolvency and liquidation claims, administration of estates, drafting and registration of wills, preparation of contracts, drafting of various legal documents, shop and liquor licencing, and debt collection.

Our clients consist mainly of corporate and statutory bodies, non governmental organizations, membership clubs, schools, faith based organizations and individuals.

We are required to charge basic fees for legal services as provided for in the tariffs prescribed by the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and by the Law Society of Zimbabwe. 

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